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After two years missing the playoffs, who would have thought the Nashville Predators would be the second NHL team to clinch a spot in the 2015 playoffs?!  The Preds organization invited Smashville to greet the team that the airport, and the fans showed up in force to line the road outside the entrance and give the team some love.

The Ducks may have clinched today, too….but we’re SO much prettier.  🙂

Collage 2Collage 1

Way to go, guys – you deserve it!  Just don’t forget to beat those Flames tomorrow night.

We’ve got our playoff tickets, do you??  GO PREDS!!






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All We Want For Christmas

Dear Santa,

We already sent you our Christmas list full of all kinds of glittery trinkets, expensive electronics, and new clothes.  We do realize that the holiday season isn’t all about material trappings, so here are a few more things we’d like to add to our wish list:

Brandon Prust in a suit.  Whoo boy, nothing like a little man candy, right Santa?

Gabriel Landeskog’s smile.  Seriously – that and a puppy can cure the evils of the world!  The man should be cast as the next Disney prince.

Speaking of puppies, we’ll also take Jonathan Bernier’s puppy-dog eyes.

Nealer’s hair is on the list, of course!  Not to mention his goal scoring ability.

Chris Higgins’ abs.  Really Santa – we’ve been extra good this year!  Please!


We’d also like Roman Josi’s jawline, eyes, and you know – everything.

And Patrick Sharp in that coat!  Or celebrating a goal.  Or posing in a suit.  Or just relaxing in nothing but shorts.  Or all of those things.

Of course, we also want a happy, healthy Pekka!  Can we get a gift card for a Vezina???

Most of all, Santa, we’d really like to have this silver cup; you know, for parties and stuff.

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Hot Fun in the Summertime

Happy mid-summer everyone!  What did you do for vacation?  We went to Bonnaroo for the first time.  (Jack White, everyone.  Jack.  White.) 

I don’t know about you, but we’re missing hockey something fierce right now.  Sure, prospect camp is going on and we’re all looking forward to checking out the new guys in the scrimmage.  It just isn’t the same as seeing our boys night after night.

So let’s take a break, grab a drink, and see what everyone has been doing this summer!  (Well, not everyone.  We can’t stalk THAT hard.) 

Mike Fisher and Carrie Underwood went to Haiti, because they’re awesome like that.


How can anyone resist that smile?


Unfortunately, he’ll have plenty of time to think about it as he recovers from a nasty Achilles injury.


Colin Wilson has been paddle boarding and showing us all that he’s been doing some serious work on his back muscles.  

Victor Bartley has been getting some fresh air.

James Neal took a trip to Hawaii before packing up to move here.  Suns out, guns out!

Eric Nystrom has been working out like crazy and inspiring us to push a little harder at the gym.

We’d watch him run any day.

Of course, he and Rich Clune are training together.

Speaking of Rich Clune, he’s been busy playing shirtless guitar and making us believe God might be a woman.

He’s also been working with SummerSkates marketing sandals.

If you haven’t tried these, you’ve got to get a pair! 

Victor Stalberg continues to prove that the Swedes are amazingly beautiful.

He’s also been working on his synchronized swimming.
(We have no clue why this isn’t embedding right.  Any thoughts?)

Pekka has been hiding from the press, but was the star of this article comparing him to a handsome young swan.  Amazing.  And we don’t disagree.

And Roman Josi has been busy doing everything, and making it look good.
Suddenly I’m a tennis fan.


He’s delicious in a tux, but is it really fair to stand that close to the groom?  Hope the bride didn’t change her mind!


And he can fly a plane?!?!?!  Give the rest of the men in the world a chance, Roman!  

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I Didn’t Know It Could Hurt So Bad

This week’s post is brought to you by a devastated Enforcer who is still trying to deal with the loss of her favorite player.


So. I don’t even know where to begin. I knew Nashville was trying to land a top-6 forward. I knew that they would have offer up someone good to seal the deal on a trade. I just wasn’t prepared to lose Patric Hornqvist.

Why God Why









Yes, getting James Neal from Pittsburgh is a big freaking deal. I’m happy that our scoring chances will dramatically improve with him on the roster.  And, once I stop drowning my sorrow in wine, I’ll be able to be happy for Patric, too. It might take a while, though.

At the risk of sounding overly dramatic, it’s like breaking up with your first boyfriend. You know the one – he was adorable, he was a tough guy but could still make you laugh, and was like…totally on the varsity team.

Patric Goal
Patric’s job night after night, was to stand in front of Shea Weber’s slapshot. On purpose. He constantly chirps the other team, fights for the puck even if he’s on his knees, and regularly gets punched in the face or shoved to the ice. The guy is probably one of the most annoying, yet dynamic players on the ice.

He doesn’t even need a helmet!
No helmet

His goal celebrations are glorious.
Patrick Happy

And Lord, those blue eye and that smile!
Patty smile3 Patty smile2 Patty smilePatty smile4

I once had the great pleasure of talking to Barry Trotz at-length about hockey, and when I said Patric was my favorite player, he simply said, “He’s the best in the business.” So true. I have worn my signed #27 jersey with pride, and (sob) will continue to wear it even though it’s now nostalgic (sniffle).

When he signed my jersey, he asked how big I wanted it, and I nearly fainted before I realized that he was talking about his signature.
Patric jersey sign

I can’t even begin to imagine how Patric is feeling. Probably a mixture of excitement and sadness at leaving his best buddy, Pekka. Those dudes have a bromance for the ages.
St Louis Blues v Nashville Predators PatricPekka3 PatricPekka2 PatricPekka4

So, good luck in Pittsburgh, Patric. I’ll miss your offense:

I’ll miss your defense:

And I sure will miss those stretchy pants. 🙂
Stretchy pants2

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