About the Golden Girls


How do you describe Golden Girls Hockey?  We’re girls who prove that hockey passion is alive and well in the South, yo.  This is not a dude’s blog full of statistics and fantasy rankings, though we will beat you down with stats if you need to be put in your place.  We’re here to talk about the entire experience of hockey fandom, from sick goals and spectacular saves, to the hotness that is a man in a hockey uniform, and the best way to enjoy a game in Music City, USA (that’s Nashville, TN ya’ll).

Hockey commentary brought to you by Jenni Zamboni and The Enforcer.

Jenni Zamboni grew up playing street hockey in Dallas.  Five years ago, she rediscovered her love of hockey when she attended her first Nashville Predators game, and this year became a season-ticket holder.  She loves goalies, especially the bendy wonder that is Pekka Rinne.  She’s no stranger to a sixer of Natty Light, and trolls twitter for statistics like it’s her job (unless you are her boss, in which case she is busy type-type-typing away).

The Enforcer grew up in northern Ohio where they actually have a season called winter and it is cold.  She did not play hockey because she is the most uncoordinated person on the planet, but if she could stand up on skates, she’d be the most feared enforcer in the league .  Since she has experience cheering for teams that…er….have some difficulties (Cleveland Browns, Cleveland Indians, anyone else from Cleveland or the great state of Ohio), she has no problems when her team loses.  The Enforcer just watches them stretch, and forgets all of her problems.

Oh yeah, and you may recognize us as those girls who wear blue hair to Preds games.

That’s enough about us…Cheers!

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