Move Over, Carter Hutton!

Christina Shea
Just over a year ago, we had this crazy idea to start a blog to talk hockey with other girls. Little did we know it would lead us to build friendships with people all over the country; in particular, one badass Preds fan from L.A. named Christina. This girl, y’all. She is tough, brave, sweet, humble, and will bake you the best cake you’ve ever had in your life….just all-around amazing. When we found out that her bucket list included learning how to play goalie, we knew we had to pull some strings to get her some time on the ice.
Jen Collage
About that bucket list.  Some people receive a terrifying diagnosis and it prevents them from living at all, but Christina used her diagnosis as motivation to visit friends old and new, see new places, and try things that most of us would never be brave enough to even attempt.  Her bucket list has taken her to Europe where she saw old friends, to Canada where she rode a bus cross-country to follow the Predators, and to Nashville where she saw some hockey and got to try out the ice at the Ford Ice Center (FIC).  She also got to have her dream wedding – complete with hockey-themed engagement photos!

Our friend, Craig MacDonald, Hockey Director at the Ford Ice Center (remember that time?) volunteered to give her a taste of the goalie life, which meant she got to spend some time in-goal for the first time ever.  Even though she was a little shaky on her skates, off she went to run through skating drills and field some pucks.
Oh, and did we mention that she has her own goalie mask? She entered the “Design Pekka’s Mask” contest sponsored by the Nashville Predators. Though her design wasn’t chosen, her husband and a couple other amazing people had her design turned into the real deal, which she wore for her lesson.

Christina and Craig

First time on the ice and you make a save double stack style a-la Dominik Hasek?? Told ya she’s awesome.

Really ya’ll – you’ve got to meet this girl.

Check out Christina’s blog here:


 *Thanks to Mary Davis for sharing her video.  We were way too excited to focus on filming!


Huge shout out to Craig MacDonald and the Ford Ice Center for helping Christina check one more item off her bucket list! If you’re interested in hockey or figure skating, check out for scheduling and information.


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2 responses to “Move Over, Carter Hutton!

  1. I ❤ you two (and Craig) so hard…thank you for helping me see I might not totally suck at goalie-ing (as long as I have someone to push me to and from the net…HAHA!)

  2. Annnnnd I’d like to add that a big part of the reason I was able to do so well my first time in goal was thanks to Coach Craig. He’s a great teacher, really awesome at explaining/breaking down movements and demonstrating techniques, and super super patient.

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