A Tour of the Ford Ice Center


The Golden Girls had the exciting opportunity to take a tour of the new Ford Ice Center.  Since we both live and work in South Nashville, we are excited about the redevelopment of the Hickory Hollow area.  Not only will the Ice Center, Library, playground, and park be a recreation space that will be used by the community, but it provides much-needed ice capacity in Nashville – a city that only has two other skating facilities available for the public.  Since no one ever mentions Nashville without also mentioning that it is a ‘non-traditional market’, the Ford Ice Center will be an important step toward growing passion for hockey and by extension, the Predators.

Let’s take a look!

There are two sheets of ice.  We were lucky enough to get to watch them lay the ice and paint for one of the rinks.  This ice center is the first in Nashville to feature the Look-Up Line (Preds gold, of course) – increasing safety for the players. 


Plus, the redline is the best in town.


The concessions area will offer great food and serve beer.  (Woo!)  An outdoor window will let people using the playground and walking trails buy food without having to go inside. 


There will be plenty of seating in the rink itself, but there is also a heated upstairs viewing area, complete with comfy chairs, tv’s, and a drink rail so parents can watch games away from the cold rink.  They also have party rooms that can be divided to host events, parties, and workout classes. 


The view from the upstairs windows is great.


The locker rooms are well appointed and feature a goalie bench, which is nice to hold a player wearing those giant pads. 


The sound system is state of the art, and there are plans to install lighting including the Preds logo that will project on the ice.  Weekend open skates will have great music – possibly with local djs.  Vanderbilt University has signed on to make Ford Ice Center their home for games and practices.  Additionally, several other colleges (MTSU, University of the South and Trevecca) have expressed interest to begin programs that will compete in a 30 and Under Adult League. In September, the Ice Center will host a tournament featuring 30 adult teams coming from as far away as Arizona, Florida and Michigan. We can’t wait to go and take in some hockey on the weekends! 

Scott Hamilton (yes – the Olympic skater) will have a skating school, and there are classes for children – adults.  Check out their schedule here: www.fordicecenter.com

A big thanks goes out to Craig MacDonald, Hockey Director, for giving us the behind-the-scenes tour of the Ford Ice Center.  We can’t wait for it to open, and we hope we’ll see Nashville’s hockey fan base get bigger and more passionate! 



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3 responses to “A Tour of the Ford Ice Center

  1. Chantal Cope

    Hi Ladies!

    So I’m not sure you’ll actually get this message, but I figured I’d try anyway. I don’t do the social media thing, so humor me with this email. 🙂

    You two seem really fun and passionate about hockey in the south and I love that. I’ve been to Tennessee many times over the past 7 years. Mostly Nashville, but other places as well. It truly is my Happy Place! The Predators are my team and Shea Weber is sooooo the man! I’ve been a fan of his since his Junior days. (I am Canadian and the World Junior Championships are a really big deal here.)

    Anyway, the Preds first road game is the home-opener for Winnipeg this Friday. I live in Winnipeg. (Tragic, I know.)

    When the Jets came back, I did not get on that bandwagon. For the years we didn’t have an NHL team, we had the farm team for the Vancouver Canucks. Back then, the Canucks were good – and had some hotties! Then, because of Shea Weber and my travels to Tennessee, I was all in for the Predators. I will not bail on my loyalties just because there’s a team in Winnipeg again. That does make me an outcast to my family and friends who are Jets fans, but too bad. Go Preds! I’ve been to a couple games at the Bridgestone Arena and loved the whole experience. The plaza parties and in-game fan interaction is the best.

    I wanted to let you know that Preds Pride will be shown for our boys here in Winnipeg. I wear Predators gear all year round, but game days against the Jets are always interesting. Sometimes it seems like it’s me against the city. I win! Smashville Rocks!

    You girls keep doing your thing for those of us who can’t be there. I will continue to represent for Smashville North.

    Sorry if this got long-winded, but thanks for taking the time.

    ~ Chantal

  2. Hi Chantal!

    The fact that you rep your Preds pride in Winnipeg (or anywhere in Canada, really) is super awesome! Our collective wardrobes are 90% gold/10 blue.

    You’ll have to plan for a trip to Nashville in 2016…word has it that the NHL is set to announce the All Star Game will be held here. We are already putting away money and reserving vacation time. 🙂

    Keep the Smashville pride going strong, and let us know the next time you’re coming to Nashville – we’ll make sure to meet up with you!

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