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Welcome to Nashville, Y’all!

The population of Nashville increased yesterday when David Poile brought some more offensive power to Nashville.  We’re not going to comment on what we think about anyone until we see them at camp, but we will offer up some tips about life in this great city (and a few warnings) for Mike Ribeiro and Derek Roy, as well as James Neal, the Laviolette’s, the McCarthy’s, and all of our new friends. 


Hi James.


And Derek.


 And Mike.


Life here is slower.  Be sure to leave an extra half hour to do anything.  If Nolensville Road or the grocery store are involved, leave an extra 45 minutes.  It’s too hot to rush anywhere here, and everyone likes to talk.  Slowly.  Talk back!  You’ll inevitably wind up with a new recipe or two.

You need jeans.  And lots of them.  We wear jeans everywhere. 

There is music everywhere you turn – and it isn’t all country.  You’ve got to go visit Third Man Records and check out Jack White’s collection!  Go to Robert’s Western World for Sunday lunch and get your fill of traditional country.  Be sure to see a show at the Ryman, because everything sounds better in the Mother Church.  If you’re lucky, you’ll get a Hatch Show Print!  Get out and sing some karaoke – it’ll remind you that not everyone here is musically talented. 

Speaking of Robert’s, be sure to order the cheeseburger.  It is one of the best in town!  You can also find great burgers at Burger Republic if you’re hungry after practice one day. It’s close to the new Ford Ice Center, and they have been voted the Best Burger in Nashville for a couple years running.


Or you can get a hot dog at I Dream of Weenie in East Nashville.  (*giggle* – weenie.)


We do have healthier food options, but they’re a little harder to find.  Don’t be surprised if you order a veggie plate and everything is fried.  We have a ton of international restaurants, so get adventurous and try some of those!  Our favorite is Thai Papaya

Our fanbase may be a little smaller than you’re used to, but we’re passionate and LOUD!  We will love you and you’ll know it.  We won’t bother you when you’re out and about though, so feel free to leave the house. 

 2014-01-11 18.03.46

But don’t leave the house in a cowboy hat.  Everyone will think you’re a tourist.


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Hot Fun in the Summertime

Happy mid-summer everyone!  What did you do for vacation?  We went to Bonnaroo for the first time.  (Jack White, everyone.  Jack.  White.) 

I don’t know about you, but we’re missing hockey something fierce right now.  Sure, prospect camp is going on and we’re all looking forward to checking out the new guys in the scrimmage.  It just isn’t the same as seeing our boys night after night.

So let’s take a break, grab a drink, and see what everyone has been doing this summer!  (Well, not everyone.  We can’t stalk THAT hard.) 

Mike Fisher and Carrie Underwood went to Haiti, because they’re awesome like that.


How can anyone resist that smile?


Unfortunately, he’ll have plenty of time to think about it as he recovers from a nasty Achilles injury.


Colin Wilson has been paddle boarding and showing us all that he’s been doing some serious work on his back muscles.  

Victor Bartley has been getting some fresh air.

James Neal took a trip to Hawaii before packing up to move here.  Suns out, guns out!

Eric Nystrom has been working out like crazy and inspiring us to push a little harder at the gym.

We’d watch him run any day.

Of course, he and Rich Clune are training together.

Speaking of Rich Clune, he’s been busy playing shirtless guitar and making us believe God might be a woman.

He’s also been working with SummerSkates marketing sandals.

If you haven’t tried these, you’ve got to get a pair! 

Victor Stalberg continues to prove that the Swedes are amazingly beautiful.

He’s also been working on his synchronized swimming.
(We have no clue why this isn’t embedding right.  Any thoughts?)

Pekka has been hiding from the press, but was the star of this article comparing him to a handsome young swan.  Amazing.  And we don’t disagree.

And Roman Josi has been busy doing everything, and making it look good.
Suddenly I’m a tennis fan.


He’s delicious in a tux, but is it really fair to stand that close to the groom?  Hope the bride didn’t change her mind!


And he can fly a plane?!?!?!  Give the rest of the men in the world a chance, Roman!  

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